A top priority in all Clubs is to help members succeed in school and apply their education and skills to their daily lives.

Activities that are educational and engaging enable youth to…

  • Become proficient in basic educational disciplines
  • Apply learning to everyday situations
  • Embrace technology
  • Achieve success in a career

Power Hour

Every child is engaged in homework help, individual tutoring, and have access to Learning Through Sports, a TAKS based computer program.

Money Counts

A financial literacy program designed to help kids make a budget, begin a savings account, and understand how businesses work and the power of the dollar.


The first step in the SMART programs where kids are given their first exposure to making good decisions about avoiding drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, gangs, bullying while emphasizing the need to stay in school, maintain/improve grades, and plan for the future

SMART Leaders

The next step in the SMART programs where kids become peer leaders and help in the teaching and applications of SMART Moves.  Applications go more into depth.

Computer Tech

Computer labs filled with great software to help members excel in technology and in school.  Every computer has Microsoft Student, Encarta, Learning Through Sports, and Microsoft Office.

PaPoW tournaments are held every year so members can demonstrate their skills in Power Point, Word, Excel, as well as show their prowess around the inside of a computer through hardware identification and placement.